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Small Beauties

deska1 11x70x490 mm

deska2 11x90x900 mm

Product on solid pine backing. Available: profile right / left for traditional chevron pattern.

For every Interiors

deska3deska4deska5 10x120x1000/1200/1400 mm

deska6deska7deska8 10x150x1000/1200/1400 mm

Product with cerfitied birch plywood backing. Product is recommended for underfloor heating. It has most universal dimention for every interior.

Floor Smoothies

deska9deska10deska11 15x190x1700/1800/2000 mm

Product with cerfitied birch plywood backing. Large boards with the charm of real wood.


French Chevron 45 degrees and Hungarian Chevron 30 degrees with different widths. Example size: 11x70x420 mm 11x90x610 mm 10x120x880 mm

The most Fashionable

Surface finish in every dimension (with the client request) :

  • UV lacquer finisz, UV oil, natural oil,
  • choise od colors developed in cooperation with architects,
  • thermo oak and black oak in any finishes and in any dimension.


Solid oak slate wall, finished in mineral oil (with different colors). Dimensions of modules: – 10x250x600 mm Staves dimensions in modules: – 10x50x100-300 mm


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